• PostCarbon Institute

    A think tank providing rigorous energy analyses and humane, realistic guidance towards community resilience through books, online courses, and its indispensable Resilience website. The cosmopolitan, daily updated website carries essays by Richard Heinberg and many other leading thinkers along with hopeful testaments from grassroots organizers and thoughtful explorations of the political philosophy and practice of relocalization.

  • Planet Drum

    “A voice for bioregional sustainability, education, and culture.” The hub of bioregionalism and primary source for a wide array of print, audio, and video materials and a repository of Peter Berg’s brilliant, foundational work.

  • NatureChange

    “Conversations about conservation and climate.” A multimedia magazine founded to inform Northwestern Michigan about the hazards to the health and beauty of the region’s natural ecosystems and chronicling the interventions and regeneration undertaken by environmental professionals and volunteers. Publishes Stephanie Mills’ profiles of local naturalists.

  • The Joseph A. Labadie Collection

    An archive documenting the history of social protest movements and marginalized political communities from the 19th century to the present. Houses Stephanie Mills’ papers from 1965 to 2006, with additions to come.

  • Schumacher Center for a New Economics

    Longtime workshop of decentralist economic thought, lately expanding its purview. Co-founded by Robert Swann, whose life is chronicled in Mills’ On Gandhi’s Path. Sponsor since 1981 of an illustrious annual lecture series whose transcripts, Mills’ among them, are available as e-books or chapbooks from the Center. The website is a portal to a wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and stories of innovative, equitable community economic initiatives.

Stephanie Mills Fungi in Michigan's Upper Peninsula